April 14

PTE Preparation: Why Group Classes Have More Benefits Than Individual Classes


The PTE exam is an English language proficiency test which assesses your English language skills and capabilities. Since the PTE exam is a gateway to a better life and it’s also quite costly, many students don’t want to leave anything regarding their test preparation to chance. A great number of candidates opt for coaching of some kind in order to be fully prepared for the exam.

However, many students don’t really know whether to enroll for one on classes or opt for group coaching.

Live Classroom Or One On One Classes

Most PTE courses charge between 300 to 1000 dollars for a full intensive course. Hiring a quality private PTE tutors with qualifications and prior experience can be even more costly, and the average student might not be able to afford it. Such tutors can charge up to 50 dollars per hour, which is quite pricey for most. The good news is that not all test takers have to go the private tutor route.

Who Should Opt For Private Lessons?

One on one PTE tuitions are generally for students who have a short amount of time to prepare for the exam and require intensive training to improve their scores in time.

The average PTE test taker usually already has a good understanding of the basic English language skills, and simply require more detailed information and strategies to score well in the PTE Academic.

Students who fall below this range have to improve their general English skills before they even consider taking the test. In such cases personal lessons would be essential to help you focus on your weak areas. A skilled tutor can assess each candidate learning needs and set the pace necessary to achieve the desired results.

The Advantages Of Joining A PTE Group Class

Most PTE classes are targeted towards students who are already at a certain level of proficiency, which means that if they took the test with no preparation, they would score at least……. These types of students might lack in certain areas of their language proficiency but more than that they need to familiarise themselves with the PTE test format and content. This is best for students who want to focus on PTE exam techniques in order to improve their score.

The most obvious advantage about going this route is that it is much cheaper. PTE classes also rarely go beyond 10 to 15 learners at a time. This means that there will still be ample time for individual teacher support. Learning about the PTE exam in a group environment also grants you the opportunity to improve your listening and speaking skills in an interactive environment.

In my opinion, enrolling for an PTE course which has a group class set up is the best way to move forward with your PTE preparation. It offers the best of both worlds, with individual teacher support as well as ample opportunities to practically apply new language skills. On a more basic level, being apart of a class is far more exciting and engaging than hours long one on one tutor sessions.


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