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When Should You Consider One On One PTE Academic Tutorials


Preparing for the PTE academic can seem overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time test taker. There is more to taking the test than just having good communication skills, you have to understand the complicated test format as well as the requirements for different types of questions. Due to the enormous amounts of new information that candidates have to process as part of their preparation, many students opt for the easier path, and enroll in PTE preparation courses.

The Truth About PTE Individual Lessons

Whether you need to take outside assistance for your PTE preparation or not is a bit of a complicated question. It depends greatly on your individual circumstances and level of English language capability. Some people might have the skills to take the exam in a week while others who are at a lower level might need a few months to prepare.

Many of the students I come across, are often initially unhappy with the concept of group classes. They somehow feel that they are losing out by not getting one on one attention. In truth, most students don’t really need personal tuition.

One-on-one PTE tuitions are generally for students who have a short amount of time to prepare for the exam and require intensive training to improve their scores in time.

The average PTE test taker is usually between a score of 40 to 60  even before they begin their test preparation. Students who fall below this range have to improve their general English skills before they even consider taking the test. In such cases, personal lessons would be essential to help you focus on your weak areas. A skilled tutor can assess each candidate's learning needs and set the pace necessary to achieve the desired results.

The Biggest Drawback – The Cost!

Most PTE courses charge between 300 to 1000 dollars for a full intensive course. Hiring a quality private PTE tutor with qualifications and prior experience can be even more costly, and the average student might not be able to afford it. Such tutors can charge up to 50 dollars per hour, which is quite pricey for most. The good news is that not all test takers have to go the private tutor route.

In truth, the decision about whether to study in a class or with a tutor boils down to personal choice. Some people are naturally more inclined towards self-study while others thrive in a classroom environment. These individual factors need to be given some deep thought when deciding on how to move forward with your PTE preparation.

In my opinion, enrolling for a PTE course that has a group class set up is the best way to move forward with your PTE preparation. It offers the best of both worlds, with individual teacher support as well as ample opportunities to practically apply new language skills. On a more basic level, being a part of a class is far more exciting and engaging than hours long one on one tutor sessions.


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