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What What To Do If You Have Not Scored Well Enough In The PTE Academic Exam?


Although not getting your desired PTE score is not ideal, it is unfortunately all too common. Many students often underestimate the difficulty of the exam and think that because they have good English language skills that they can ‘just wing it.’ A surprisingly large percentage of these test-takers end up taking the test multiple times before they obtain the score necessary for their tertiary education or immigration applications

In this article, we will outline exactly what should you do if you have not scored well enough in either the PTE Academic exam.

Request A Remark Of Your Exam

Often when students fail to score well in the PTE Academic, they are convinced that their scores should have been higher and that there must be some technical error. They then decide to opt for a remark. However, there is an extremely small chance that an improvement in a test taker's score will happen. Here’s why:

Not all parts of your exam will be sent for rechecking. Since the reading and listening module questions all have fixed and specific answers, it is highly unlikely that the computer algorithm used to check these components would have made an error when checking this part of the exam. For this reason, only the speaking and writing module can be sent for rechecking. This means that there is no chance that your reading and listening scores will improve.

Unlike other language proficiency tests, PTE Academic scores can actually be lowered after being rechecked, and this is a more likely outcome than a score increase. Pearson checks all PTE academic scores twice before they are given to candidates. This means that your scores are most likely accurate and there is a very slim chance that you will see any change in your score. In fact, I have never come across any candidates score that has actually increased.

Request Conditional Acceptance

If you have missed the required PTE overall score by just a marginal amount. You could try speaking to your university about conditional acceptance. This means that you will be allowed to study at the university until you retake the PTE test. There are some universities that have some leeway regarding their PTE test requirements, and they might accept you despite your low score.

Try Applying Somewhere With Lower Score Requirements

Different universities and immigration systems have different PTE score requirements If you fail to be accepted by your original choice of university, you should consider applying somewhere where the band score condition level is lower.

Retake The Test to Obtain A better Score

If your score is much lower than you need it to be, then I recommend that you retake the test. Candidates are allowed to take the times as many times as they need to, and the score for your most recent test will be considered valid.

Use this retest as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Try to improve your preparation for the next time you take the test, especially in the test section you scored most poorly in.

Take a good and honest look at your previous preparation methods and schedule to determine how you can improve upon these areas. Make sure that you give yourself sufficient time to really well prepare and improve your English language skills and abilities. Continuously gauge your progress by taking authentic PTE practice tests.

The smart thing to do is to take the money you would use on taking the test multiple times and spend it on a course that will provide you with the strategies and skills that will guarantee you a better score next time. I believe the easiest and stress-free way to do this is to find a PTE teacher, who can help you identify your weaknesses and help you to improve in these areas. Often students have gaps in the understanding of particular types of questions and are completely unaware of it until these issues are pointed out by a professional.


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