Tips For Vocabulary Improvement 

 June 5, 2015

By  admindfieeo


For individuals who are preparing for IELTS, it is important for them to build a strong vocabulary. Knowing more words, their meanings and how to properly use them in a sentence can significantly help test takers do well during the exam, especially on the reading and writing sections. Having a strong vocabulary gives people the opportunity to freely express what they have in mind. It can be normal to end up being at loss for the right words, but when it frequently happens it’s about time that you take measures to improve your vocabulary skills.

One of the ways to expand vocabulary is to evoke your intelligence, and this means believing in the intelligence you you already have. Be the person whom people perceive to be well-spoken and intelligent. It is similarly important to communicate effectively, and always remember that socializing verbally is necessary in life. You will be able to express yourself without too much limitations by simply expanding your vocabulary.

If you are fond of using the internet, you will see that there are many resources available that you can use to improve your vocabulary skills and knowledge. There are reading materials that contain a list of words commonly used in English as well as those that you should know about. Take advantage of these resources while you are using your gadgets. Bear in mind that most of these resources come for free, and you do not have to spend for them.

There are also educational tools and apps that are designed for vocabulary learning. These apps are ideal tools for individuals who are trying to improve their vocabulary skills. They even come in various games and puzzles that make learning fun and effective. Many of these apps are also free of charge. I also have some vocabulary apps on my tablet, and I downloaded them a couple of years ago. I can remember making vocabulary flashcards years ago when vocabulary apps were still not available, and they were also very helpful.

If you want to improve your vocabulary, you also need to make sure that you are learning words on a daily basis. You can start learning around 5 to 10 words, learn about what they really mean, and how they can be used properly. It is important to remember that learning about the definition of the word is not enough as you need to figure out how it can be used  appropriately. Without knowing the right sentence usage, you won’t also be able to use words in the right manner. Once you are able to expand your vocabulary, you will be amazed by your ability to construct amazing sentences.

Having a strong vocabulary can bring you many advantages in life, especially if you are able to do well in IELTS. There are many other resources online that can help you improve your vocabulary skills. I will even add more reading materials about vocabulary enhancement so please don”t hesitate to come back.


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