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The Truth About Free Online PTE Academic Resources


Many PTE Academic test-takers often wonder whether free online PTE resources can be used to prepare for the exam entirely. This is something that I don't recommend for a number of reasons. However, there are some instances where using free resources can be useful. In this article we will discuss both of these issues.

You Don't Get The Most Valuable Information

Many online courses also have a sister website or blog, which also includes more general information about the PTE exam. You can use such information to get an idea about the PTE test, its format, and content. You can also judge by the way such information is presented, if opting for enrolling with this organisation is worthwhile or not. However, there is usually a reason this information is free and most PTE prep organisations withhold their most valuable bits of information, which is only available to paying students or customers.

Inauthentic Resources

There are far too many fake free resources with badly written questions or wrong answers. Many of these resources are themselves riddled with grammatical errors and branded as high-scoring materials.

Using such inauthentic materials can give the incorrect impression about the level of difficulty of the PTE exam or give you an over-inflated sense of your English Language capabilities.

Make sure that the practice questions you use have the same structure, the same difficulty, the same marking, and the same timing as the PTE test.

Another point to consider is that there are plenty of free PTE resources available online but no matter how well connected they might be, their information about the PTE exam will always be from an outside perspective. This is why I recommend using the Official Guide to PTE Academic exam.

The Official Guide To PTE Academic

The Official Guide to PTE Academic is a book that is published and endorsed by Pearson themselves. It’s the best option for familiarising yourself with the format of the exam. Since Pearson hosts the PTE exam, they are best equipped to understand what students need to know in order to do well in the PTE test. The guide also gives you an accurate idea about what the test entails and the true levels of difficulty.

Free Mock Tests And Inaccurate Grading

I also recommend using official PTE practice tests instead of many of the free versions that are available online. The reason being is it is highly unlikely that these free mock tests use the same software and AI to grade your answers. This is especially true for the unique online speech recognition software, which has quite strict scoring criteria. This ultimately means that you probably get a score that is not an accurate representation of your PTE Academic score.

If you are just curious about what the PTE test is like, then taking a free version of the test might be useful. You can get a good idea about the format, tasks, and timings of the test and decide if this is something you are capable of doing. However, if you are serious.

Enroll In An Online PTE Course

Despite all of the useful information above, I still feel that enrolling in a PTE Preparation course is your best bet at acing the exam. The reasoning behind this is simple, any sort of free online PTE resource cannot provide feedback on your proficiency.

In my opinion, it would be better and more productive to invest in finding a good PTE teacher to guide you and then use the above-mentioned resources as supplementary materials. Only a PTE professional teacher can guide you and offer you valuable feedback on your weak areas, especially in terms of your writing and speaking practice answers.


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