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The Best Self Study Tips For The PTE Academic


The PTE Academic test is an in-depth test of a candidate’s English language proficiency. Many first-time test takers underestimate the difficulty of the test and overestimate their own level of language proficiency. They wrongly assume that if they practice enough, eventually they will improve somehow improve their scores. they end up doing as many practice tests, only to end up with a similar score as when they first started. Think about it in this way, if I wanted to learn how to play the piano, and I did nothing but practice for months, instead of learning the basics, I still wouldn’t be able to play very well, now would I? It’s similar to practicing for a test without having the necessary skills to answer. Let’s look at some of the ways you can prepare for the PTE exam.

Where To Start With Your PTE Preparation?

The first step to acing any test is to understand its format and content (syllabus). You to understand how the test is laid out and divided in terms of scoring and timings. You also need to know what kind of questions you can expect in each part of the test. (i.e. the reading, listening, speaking, and writing components of the test). This is all information that can easily be found on the official PTE website.

Assess Your Current English Language Level

Once you are familiar with the test, you need to gauge your current level, you can do this by taking an authentic practice test. Doing this will help you to identify your weak areas (the question types in which you made the most mistakes or struggled to answer easily). Knowing what your actual current level is will help you to set a realistic timeline to prepare for the test.

Create A Study Plan

The best way to manage your time effectively is to create a study timetable. Make a schedule that includes all four components of the exam namely listening, writing, and speaking. Spread them out throughout the day and over a number of weeks. Arrange the subjects progressively so you can start things slow and also include specific times to assess the skills you have learned during your study.

Use English In Your Daily Life

The PTE exam assesses whether or not you are comfortable enough with the English language to survive and thrive in an English-speaking work or study environment. Therefore it would be ridiculous to think of your prep time as the only time you should be applying your knowledge and skills learned for the test. Incorporate the language into your daily activities, by conversing in English whenever possible. Try watching more programs or movies in English. Make sure you note down any unfamiliar words. The same can be said for reading. Try to find reading material like books or articles on topics that interest you. Note down new vocabulary and try to determine their meanings from reading in context. Your PTE prep should not only include textbooks, practise tests, and skills that you forget as soon as your daily study time is complete. Improving your fluency and understanding of the language is a continual process that requires a committed effort in order to get a good band score.

The cost

Most candidates choose to prepare for the PTE academic exam by themselves because they think it will save them from wasting money on a PTE prep course. It might surprise you to know that opting for the self-study route can be quite costly in the long run. Most students think of taking a PTE coaching class as an extra expense, which they don’t really have the funds for. Not investing in taking a proper class for your test preparation is not actually saving money. In fact, you are most probably wasting money and valuable time as well. Failing to score well in the exam means that you will have to take the exam multiple times and you have to pay separately each time. This can easily become hundreds and thousands of dollars. This is not to mention the time lost. Unfortunately, there are plenty of candidates who have lost on the admission places or visa applications because they simply failed to produce the required PTE scores within the specified time. Can you imagine losing out on your life’s dream, simply because you refused to pay a few dollars for a preparation course? It seems absurd but it happens all too often!


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