Reading Skills Improvement Tips and Tricks 

 April 27, 2015

By  admindfieeo

Reading is one of the best ways to learn and be knowledgeable. Regardless of where you may be in the world, you will know a lot of things that can significantly improve your life if you read. Luckily today, access to information is just a matter of clicks. You don’t need to spend for books, magazines and newspapers as you can read the latest updates in the internet. If you are preparing for an exam such as IELTS, improving your English reading comprehension skills can be effortless since there are many educational tools available online. I have here two posts that can help you improve your reading skills, please have a look:

Rewordify; Great tool to improve reading skills | English In Life

Most of my students really like reading news to improve their English while checking the latest events in the world.

Reading news and different kind of posts on the internet can be really helpful to improve yourself if you follow a systematic way.

It is important to find unknown vocabularies, learn their synonyms and write them down to remember and check again.

It sounds a bit long and tiring, right? When you start to check all these vocabularies and also write them down, it kills your motivation (unfortunately !)

This is a so well-known fact that many developers have been working on different projects to make reading easier, faster and more fun. Here is one of these projects;

Rewordify.com is  a free online software  that you can use to read difficult passages. Rewordify simplifies complex passages and makes them reader-friendly. You can paste in difficult sentences, paragraphs, or whole chapters and then click on “Rewordify text”. Via englishinlife.wordpress.com

Here is another fantastic post that can provide you with some details on how to improve your reading skills. Once you follow these steps, you won’t have difficulties answering the IELTS reading section.

Dont Know How to Improve Reading Skills? | Blog – WritemyEssayOnline

As a college student, you have to read well. If you have difficulties with reading, you are at a great disadvantage in most courses. You should develop comprehension skills, to understand the articles better, especially, if there are phrases, words, names and events, unfamiliar to you.

The following strategies can help you read more quickly and effectively.

What do you want to learn? How are you going to use this information? What do you need to do, after reading the article?

Identify the patterns in the way the text is situated on a page. Look for the use of italics and bold, and determine how titles and headings are used. Examine the pictures and try to get a sense of the general idea. Make some predictions about what you will read. writemyessayonline.com

The reading test is one of the easiest sections of IELTS, and you can significantly improve your skills by working hard and make reading a part of your daily routine. If you want to learn how exactly you can improve your performance during the test, visit here again.


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