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PTE Writing: The Best Tips To Proofread Your Essay


You are scored separately on your spelling and grammar in your PTE Academic Score Card and both of these enabling skill scores affect your overall score and your writing score. Careless errors related to both of these skills can be costly, which is why it is important to thoroughly proofread your work before submitting it. In this article, we will learn how to effectively proofread your PTE Academic Essay.

Why Proofreading Is Important?

In the writing module, the criteria for marking spelling is as follows.

  • 2 marks awarded, if all the spellings are correct and there is just one typing error.
  • 1 mark is deducted, if there is a spelling mistake or/and more than one typing errors.
  • 0 marks awarded, if more than one spelling mistake are made or/and numerous typing errors are made.

Similar scoring criteria are followed for all the PTE enabling skills, including grammar. Therefore, it is important to produce sentences that are error-free.

Why Is It So Difficult To Proofread Your Own Essays?

If you have been practicing writing essays as part of your pte preparation, you might have come aacross a strange phenomenon, where you overlook glaringly obvious spelling and grammatical errors in your own pieces of writing. These are issues that you would normally pick up on if you were reading someone else’s work. It sounds strange, but it’s actually all too common and there is a simple reason for this. We write we are trying to communicate ideas that are already in our mind and when we read these pieces of writing we only see the ideas that we are trying to communicate. The reason we don’t see our own typos is that what we see on the screen or on paper is being overwritten by the version that already exists in our heads.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can work around this issue:

Best Ways To Recheck Your Work

  • Make sure you are alert when you proofread your work. A tired mind can easily miss blatant errors. This is why it is important to get a good night's rest the night before your exam.
  • Know which errors you commonly make. Make a list of errors you repeatedly make and add to the list each time you recheck your practice essays.
  • Proofread backwards. Begin at the end and work backward through the essay, paragraph by paragraph, or even line by line. This will force you to look at the surface elements rather than the overall meanings of the essay
  • Read through your essay several times and focus on different elements separately. For example, first look at just spelling, then at punctuation, and so on.
  • Always keep an eye out for sentences that are unnecessarily long and confusing. Remember that apart from just spelling and basic grammar errors, you should also recheck to see where you can improve your sentences to make them sound smoother and more engaging.


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