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PTE Academic: Do The PTE Academic Questions Repeat?


To be honest no one can say with 100 % certainty that any of the PTE questions repeat. However, certain questions from the writing and speaking modules are well known for having questions that are based on the same core topics, and these types of questions like Essay writing, Describe image and Retell lecture often have questions with overlapping themes to previous questions.

Other questions like Write from dictation or speaking short answers do often repeat, but there are no concrete lists as to which of these questions appear more often than others. So if you are thinking of including preparing perfect answers based on commonly repeated questions, I’m sorry to say but that is one of the worst ways to go about preparing for the PTE Academic exam, and here’s why:

Don’t Depend On Repeated Questions

The problem with using a PTE test bank is that no one on the outside of Pearson PTE department actually knows what the authentic past paper questions are. Unfortunately, there are plenty of websites and supposed PTE experts that claim to have tonnes of PTE past paper questions, and they also seem to know which questions are the most repeated. First-time test takers are especially vulnerable to such false claims.

In truth, most of these test bank questions are provided by actual test takers once they have completed their exam. Since they were most probably under duress during the exam and the fact that they are second language learners, they might not have the necessary language skills to memorise these questions. Its highly likely that even if they did remember some of it, these questions would have grammatical errors or incorrect words.

This is especially troublesome for those students who use test banks to memorise answers before their exam. Can you imagine memorising essays, summaries, and dictation by heart only to find out on test day that the question was incorrect? An even worse scenario occurs when these misguided test-takers unknowingly respond with their memorised answers to questions that are actually different from the questions they have memorised! Material that is irrelevant to the question asked almost always receives a complete score of zero. This is why memorisation never works.


Focus On Improving Your Skills First

You would save a lot of precious time actually focusing on improving your language skills than spending hours and hours committing answers to heart, that you are not even sure will appear during your test. It is impractical, to say the least.

However, if you understand the correct method to answer the different questions, learn about  the scoring criteria and skills required, and then build your confidence by practicing with a sufficient number of repeated questions, you can score better in the exam, than you would by memorising a bunch of random lists’,


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