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"I've just completed my PTE Mock Test. My First Name is Jason and my Email is My ID is s0312. Please let me know when my results are ready. Thanks."

If you're interested to find out more about PTE Classes in Singapore, please read the below...

PTE Class: September 22nd to October 13th 2019

Class Schedule

  • 1
    22nd Sept (Sunday) 6pm to 10pm: Speaking
  • 2
    29th Sept (Sunday) 6pm to 10pm: Writing
  • 3
    6th Oct (Sunday) 6pm to 10pm: Reading
  • 4
    13th Oct (Sunday) 6pm to 10pm: Listening

Class Fees (4 Classes)

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(Registration after 31st July)
Note: or after 5 discounted seats are taken

  • 4 Classes covering Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening
  • Only 3 months free access to PTE Appify

How To Register?

To register for my PTE class and reserve your slot, you'd need to transfer $200 to POSB Savings 154005617 (Name: Jonathan Koh) then bring $300 (or only $200 if you register before 31st July) on the first class. (Note: POSB is the same as DBS so if you can't find POSB using your payment method, use DBS)

You can also use PayLah or PayNow to 9768 1054. Once you've done that, Whatsapp me the payment screenshot for our records and I'll send you all the details and your pre-class homework.

Class Location

Address: 275 Beach Road, Level 3 (#03-00), Singapore 199549.

(Please note that I'm only in this location during the weekends when I teach so please don't come to this location at other times. At other times on the weekends, I will be teaching IELTS preparation classes.)

Here's how to get to the classroom:

The Classroom is 5-7 minutes walk from both Bugis MRT (EW12/DT14) and Nicoll Highway MRT (CC5). You can take Exit E or F from Bugis MRT or Exit A from Nicoll Highway MRT.

Go to this webpage to get more detailed information about the classroom location: PTE Classroom.

What Is Covered In Class?

  • All 4 modules (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening)
  • 20 different PTE Task types
  • A lot of homework!
  • Best Strategies to approach each Task Type
  • Templates for difficult Writing and Speaking Tasks
  • PTE Appify App: 3 months free access (normally US$50/month - that's a savings of US$150 or SG$220!) to the app. The best PTE Exam App available that enables you to test yourself and also improve your level. (Look at the image below to see how the App looks like) [Note: 5 months free access for those who sign up before 31st July]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I get my desired score after attending your classes?

Is 4 weeks of classes enough?

What's the difference between your PTE classes and others?

Can I still contact you for help after the 4 weeks of classes?

Will I be able to book the exam immediately after your classes?