PTE Singapore 2021: Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Date For Your Exam

The Pearson Test of English or PTE as it’s more commonly known as, is a language proficiency test. It is used to determine the level of English language capability of non-native speakers who wish to study at tertiary level in English speaking countries like Canada or the UK. The PTE Academic test can also be used for immigration purposes to Australia and New Zealand. Even native English speakers from Singapore are also required to take language proficiency exams like the PTE Academic test to prove their ability to cope in an academic English-speaking environment.

The exam is hosted by the Pearson PLC group, which is an internationally recognized and multi-faceted educational organization. The Pearson Language Test Department focuses primarily on preparing and conducting language proficiency tests that accurately reflect the capabilities and skills of second language learners. At the moment the PTE exam is offered in over 50 countries and around 250 test centers around the globe.

If you’re thinking about booking a Pearson PTE Academic exam, then read on to find out all about the important dates related to the exam as well as how to choose the best date to take the test.

Here’s a detailed look at what you will find in this article:

When Is The PTE Exam Available?

The exams are held on once every day of the year, except public holidays. Additional test spots on a particular day can be added depending on demand. However, test dates and scheduling policies do vary by location. It has become increasingly difficult to find suitable test dates within 30 days of booking. This is mainly because the PTE Academic exam is continually increasing in its popularity.

Dates are available on a first come first serve basis, so it is important to confirm that a particular test date is available instead of assuming that it will be. You can check a date's availability online on the official Pearson PTE website.

How Can I Choose My PTE Test Date?

When you book your PTE Academic exam, you will be given the option to choose a test centre as well as a suitable test date.

You can easily book your exam online on the official Pearson PTE website. You first need to create a registered PTE account using a valid email and certain personal information. Your account will be verified within 24 hours, after which you can begin the PTE booking procedure.

Once you have chosen a test venue, the available test dates for that particular location will be displayed on screen and you just need to click on your choice.

How Will My Test Date be Confirmed?

Once you have paid for your PTE test, you will receive a confirmation email. The email will contain important registration information such as, your personal details, test location and date. Check your junk or spam folders if you do not automatically receive an email.

If you have not received any sort of confirmation email from Pearson, you must contact Pearson customer care to confirm your booking. Without this confirmation, you will not be able to sit for the exam, even if you have already paid in full.

When Is The Best Date To Book Your Exam?

Honestly, the best time to book your test is when your English level is at its best and you are well aware of the strategies and skills needed to ace your exam. It's much better to prepare first and then book your test. Use the time between your preparation and booked test date to continually improve your skills through practice with official PTE Tests. Unfortunately, most students do not heed this advice, mostly because they have an unrealistic opinion about their current level of proficiency as well as the actual level of difficulty of the PTE exam.

Such students book tests under false assumptions about the test's difficulty and their actual levels of English Language proficiency and realize, all too late, that they have made a great error in judgment about the time they need to prepare. Remember that you have to pay separately for each time you attempt the test and taking the test multiple times can be quite expensive. Even if you decide to postpone your test, you will still have to pay 25 per cent of your registration fee.

Since different institutions and universities have different application deadlines and admission policies, it’s important to make sure that you know the date on which your chosen organisations will receive your results. Remember that your results will be available online after week of your test date. So it is important that you confirm a specific date's availability on the official Pearson PTE website.

One needs to plan for the worst-case scenario. If you do not obtain the required scores on your first attempt of the PTE Test, then you would need sufficient time to prepare and take a second test. Obviously, this depends heavily on your individual circumstances and levels but in my opinion, an extra month would suffice.

Another worst-case scenario to consider is if your test results are delayed. This can happen for two possible reasons:

  • Flagged for Additional review – this means that for whatever reason, your test has been sent for additional checking. This is done in order to ensure that the integrity and accuracy of the exam is maintained.
  • Security – this means that there is a suspicion that the person who has taken the test is not the same as the person whose personal details have been entered into the system. If the PTE Biometric system detects that there in any possibility of such an occurrence, your test results will be withheld until a full investigation into the matter has been completed.

In such cases in can take up to a month to receive your scores. Keep these facts in mind when booking your test date as you might not be able to find a date falls within your visa application deadlines.

Can I Reschedule My PTE Exam?

You can reschedule your exam within 14 days of your test date for no extra charge. However, if you choose to reschedule within 7 days of your test, you will have to pay 25 percent of the original test fee.

A similar rule applies for test cancellation. If you cancel your test before 7 days of your test date, you will be entitled to a 50 per cent discount. However, you will forfeit this discount if you cancel your exam within 7 days of your scheduled test.

You can reschedule or cancel your PTE academic exam using the following step:

  • Log in to your verified Pearson account using your previously set login credentials.
  • Click on reschedule or cancel.
  • If you are rescheduling, then choose your new test centre and date.
  • Confirm your test venue and date.
  • Pay rescheduling fees (if applicable).

Once you have successfully completed the above steps you will receive an email containing your rescheduled details.

As you can see from the above-mentioned information, changing your test date can be quite a costly exercise. Therefore, a great deal of thought needs to go into choosing a good test date. You need to make sure you will have enough time to fully prepare for the exam.

What Happens If Your Test Was Postponed?

Since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many PTE test centres have had to remain closed for indefinite periods of times based on local government and health authorities assessment of the COVID-19 infection rates in that particular test centre’s area/community. In such instances test centres are left with no option but to reschedule candidates’ test dates.

Your test may be rescheduled for any of the following reasons:

  • The local government or healthcare authorities have advised that the test centre remained closed on the date of your appointment.
  • The test centre has reduced the number of people present in each test session in order to comply with social–distancing rules.

In any of the above cases, Pearson customer service will email you, to inform you of the postponement of your test.

You can then login to your Pearson PTE account to either request a refund or book a test on an alternative day. If you paid by using a voucher, your voucher will be reactivated once you request a refund. You can also check if there are other nearby operational test centres where you can take the PTE academic exam. You will not be required to pay any part of the booking fee in this instance.

Since the pandemic has left almost every aspect of daily life with some degree of uncertainty, I strongly recommend that you regularly login to your PTE account to check for any changes in the testing schedule. As they say ‘better safe than sorry’  

PTE Result Expiry Date

PTE scores are only valid for 2 years. Your score will automatically be removed from the PTE website and will no longer be visible.

You might be wondering why this is so. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why the PTE Academic exam results come with an expiry date.

Although the PTE test provides an accurate record of a test taker’s English language proficiency, the Pearson’s recommend a two-year validity period for PTE test results based upon the fact that a candidate’s language skills will naturally diminish over time if they are not used regularly. Our personal or professional environment can change our English proficiency level for the better or the worst. After a period two years, you will have either been using your and therefore enhancing English skills, or you might have been in an environment where English is barely used, meaning you English language skills might be a bit rusty, to say the least! You might still be good with the language, but you will definitely not be as fluent as you used to be.

The two-year validity also accounts for changes that might occur within the test format or content.

To further complicate matters, PTE academic scores are valid for Australian immigration applications for 3 years. If a person applying for an Australian visa took their PTE test more than 2 years ago, they can contact PTE Academic’s customer care team to have the result manually verified.

It is also important to note that you can take the PTE academic test multiple times. Generally candidates who have not achieved their desired scores choose this option, but it can obviously be quite costly. The validity of your previous scores is not overridden. This is especially important if you happen to have a higher score in your previous result than your latest test score.

Hopefully by now you have understood that something as simple as choosing the wrong test date can actually affect your score.

If you feel that you are not currently at a level of English language proficiency that is necessary for the PTE Academic exam, then you should consider enrolling for an PTE preparation course with an experienced PTE tutor. Taking a course that is designed to equip you with all the information, strategies and skills is important for you to ace the PTE academic test. not to mention the fact that having an experienced teacher will also significantly impact the time it takes for you to prepare. It’s the fastest way to identify the areas of your English language skills that might hold you back from getting the result you need the first time round.