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How To Stay Motivated While Studying For The PTE Academic


The PTE Academic exam is a thorough assessment of a person’s English language capabilities. Due to the vast amount of skills and knowledge that students need in order to score well in this exam, many of them feel defeated or down long before their test day. In this article, we will examine some unique ways to keep your spirits up during your PTE preparation time.

Often students feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of resources they have to go through in order to prepare for the exam. It can be pretty depressing and time-consuming to go through a number of sub-topics and learn skills that you later find out were not even necessary to help you ace the exam. This can be avoided if you use trustworthy materials that have clear aims and goals. The best way to ensure that you are using the correct resources.  These should either be official Pearson PTE resources or materials designed by a true PTE professional.

Strike A Balance

Your PTE prep should not only include textbooks, practice tests, and skills. Ideally, you should balance the time you take to prepare for the exam vs the time you use to improve your overall English skills. Try to use fun resources to help to stay motivated, like watching English movies or reading interesting novels. If you can strike the correct balance during your preparation time, you can avoid study burnout

Expert PTE Teacher

While it is important to make sure that you choose a well-qualified and experienced PTE teacher. Having the correct credentials might not always be enough to pique your interest. Choose a teacher that keeps you motivated and interested in whatever you are studying.

Make A Schedule And Stick To It

The best way to manage your time effectively is to make a study plan. Make a schedule that includes all four components of the exam namely listening, writing, and speaking. Spread them out throughout the day and over a number of weeks. Arrange the subjects progressively so you can start things slow and also include specific times to assess the skills you have learned during your study. Set small goals, instead of just focusing only the end results. This will help you to keep on track. Reward yourself every time you meet one of your smaller goals. You could, for example, go out for dinner or give yourself some free time.

Rethink Your Preparation

If you’re taking the test multiple times and you have not yet passed and it’s starting to demotivate or depress you, then you probably need to rethink your preparation methods.

Take a good and honest look at your previous preparation methods and schedule to determine how you can improve upon these areas. Make sure that you give yourself sufficient time to really well prepare and improve your English language skills and abilities. Continuously gauge your progress by taking authentic PTE practice tests.

The smart thing to do is to take the money you would use on taking the test multiple times and spend it on a course that will provide you with the strategies and skills that will guarantee you a better score next time. I believe the easiest and stress-free way to do this is to find a PTE teacher, who can help you identify your weaknesses and help you to improve in these areas. Often students have gaps in the understanding of particular types of questions and are completely unaware of it until these issues are pointed out by a professional.


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