April 25

PTE Academic Speaking: How To Sound Like A Native Speaker


While the writing component of most popular language tests is often the most difficult, the PTE Academic test is infamous for its tough speaking module. To add to the pressure, the speaking module is the only part of any language test in which you don’t get a chance to go back and recheck your answers.

Unfortunately, most test-takers focus too much on what they are saying during this part of the test and not enough on how they say it. That is to say, is not just about the words and phrases you use, it's also about things like your articulation and intonation. 


The PTE Speaking AI       

The PTE Speaking AI uses an algorithm that bases its assessment of your responses against how similar it is to the pronunciation features of a native speaker. To meet the AIs assessment criteria you must use the same pronunciation features like a native speaker. This does not mean that you will be penalized if you do not have a non-native accent.

The computer algorithm contains accent data from over 126 countries and for more than 90 diverse languages. This assures that the scoring system recognizes accents from around the globe. This ensures that every candidate is evaluated in the exact same way, regardless of where they take the test, and that there are no biases made by human examiners. So the AI will assess a candidate’s pronunciation using the criteria and it does not matter if they speak with a British or American accent, or if they have a non-native Chinese or Indian accent.

Native Speaker Pronunciation

A significant portion of your speaking score is based on In order to mimic the pronunciation features of a native speaker, you have to be aware of the flow and tempo of your speech, you also have to pay close attention to your tone and intonation.

You can think about it in terms of whether your voice is following the right patterns of speech, is the rhythm of your going up and down in the correct places, and are you speaking at the correct speed.

How To Improve your Pronunciation

Even if you use a wide range of vocabulary and have perfect grammar if you use the incorrect tone or word stress or rhythm, you might end up sounding incoherent anyway. Make sure that you speak as clearly as possible, and remember to enunciate your words, so that the microphone can pick up that you using the correct inflections. Avoid speaking too fast as this might make you sound slurred

it is very difficult for second language learners to objectively point out their own weak areas when it comes to productive skills like speaking. This is why the best approach would be to work on your pronunciation with a trusted PTE professional, who can guide you on all the best methods and tips to improve your pronunciation.


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