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How To Recover From PTE Speaking Mistakes


The Speaking Module is often the most dreaded aspect of the PTE Academic, and rightly so since it is the only part of the exam where you do not have the luxury of going back to recheck your answers. In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can recover from your mistakes made during the PTE Academic test.

Don’t Repeat Or Hesitate

It is important that you do not repeat words or hesitate to answer . Most students hesitate to answer because they start to overthink and overcomplicate the questions. If you make a mistake, do not dwell on it but rather stay composed and carry on. It would be unfortunate to let a single blunder affect the rest of your answer and your score.

This is especially important since the microphone switches off automatically after three seconds of inactivity. Meaning that if you do not answer quickly, the microphone will switch off and you will lose the opportunity to answer, altogether. The best way to avoid this is to practice, practice, practice!

Don’t Speak Too Fast

Another point to note is that the speed at which you speak might naturally increase due to test day jitters. Again If you speak too quickly during your test, the algorithm might not be able to understand what you are saying.

The best way to avoid this is to speak slowly and clearly into the microphone. Make sure to enunciate in the correct places and do not mumble or combine (blend)words into each other.

Tips For Individual Questions

Since all the tasks in the speaking section, I thought it best to go through the rest of the tips separately.

  • Read aloud - Make sure you do not replace any words, leave any words out or add any. If you make a mistake and try to correct it, it will be counted as added words.
  • Repeat sentence - Say all of the words in the exact same order. Do not rush If unsure of a word the speaker used, say what you think you heard.
  • Describe Image - Try to include all aspects and elements of the image in your answer. However, if you do miss something don’t stress, in this particular question it is important to mention the main features of the image and how they relate to each other.
  • If there are words on the image you want to use but are unsure how to pronounce them, don’t worry, just say them how you think they should be said.
  • Retell lecture - Avoid writing long sentences on the Erasable Note board Booklet, you will not have enough time.
  • In the 10 seconds after the recording, organize your speech. You will then have 40 seconds to record your answer. If you can’t remember how to pronounce a word the speaker used, try to guess.
  • Answer short questions - When recording your answer, give your answer using just one word, or a couple of words if needed. You will not lose points if you answer in a full sentence.
  • Say your answer as clearly as possible with the correct pronunciation, including word stress.

If you don’t know the answer, give yourself a second or two to think. If you cannot think of the answer, just click ‘next’ to hear the next question.

Avoid Mistakes By Practicing

The best way to overcome test day anxiety and avoid unnecessary mishaps is to thoroughly practice under strict exam conditions. This will help improve your stamina when it comes to answering questions in succession and you will become familiar with what is expected of you on test day. Make sure that you practice using authentic Pearson practice materials so that you get a real exam feel.

Practice under exam conditions – this will help you understand how much information you can reasonably for within 40 seconds, without sounding hurried or rushed. Time practice questions will help to develop the quality of your responses so that you do not feel overwhelmed on test day.


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