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How Many Hours Per Day Should I Study For PTE Academic?


How much time you need to prepare for the PTE Academic depends greatly on your current level of proficiency, and a few other important factors, such as which score do you require, and how much time per day do you actually have to dedicate to your preparation before you take the test.

On a general level, if you wish to increase your score by at least 10 points, you need to devote 4 to 6 weeks to your preparation.

During this time you should develop a realistic study plan, with an appropriate amount of study hours, and keep motivated by setting small goals to achieve within your study schedule and focus on achieving them.

It’s also not just about the amount of time, it’s also about the amount of productive time you spend studying for the exam. Some students try to cram as much as possible for the exam whenever they have time to spare. I don’t recommend doing this.  For one thing, you will probably suffer from burnout and end up not really absorbing much of whatever you happen to be reviewing on that day. Secondly, if you dedicate at least one or two hours a day to your PTE prep, it will guarantee that you don’t lose your focus or rhythm. I suggest that you spend at least 15 to 20 hours a week preparing for the exam. More than this might cause more exhaustion and stress than is necessary, which can have adverse effects on your preparation.

Create A Study Plan

The best way to manage your time effectively is to create a study timetable. Make a schedule that includes all four components of the exam namely listening, writing, and speaking. Spread them out throughout the day and over a number of weeks. Arrange the subjects progressively so you can start things slow and also include specific times to assess the skills you have learned during your study.

Make Sure To Practice To Improve Your Score

Learning a new skill is quite different from applying it in real life. Make sure that your daily PTE prep schedule includes enough practice time to reinforce the lessons you have gone through. You should also schedule practice or mock tests at the end of the week to assess whether or not your band scores have improved or not.

Your PTE prep should not only include textbooks, practice tests, and skills. Ideally, you should balance the time you take to prepare for the exam vs the time you use to improve your overall English skills. Try to use fun resources to help to stay motivated, like watching English movies or reading interesting novels. If you can strike the correct balance during your preparation time, you can avoid unnecessary exhaustion.


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