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PTE Academic: How Can You Improve Speaking Skills Without A Partner?


The ideal way to improve your speaking skills would be to practice on a daily basis with a native English speaker. Unfortunately, not many of us have this option. So what can you do to overcome this obstacle? How can you effectively deal improve your speaking skills if you don’t have a partner to practice with. These are just some of the issues we will be dealing with in this article.

Listen And Repeat

A great way to aid in your preparation is to familiarize yourself with how native English speakers speak. There are many ways in which you can do this. You could watch English TV programs or News channels, listen to podcasts about topics that interest you or find content that is somehow IELTS related. This will also help acclimatize you to the sounds and unique pronunciations used by speakers. Try getting a hold of the transcripts and repeating what you have just heard, with the same pronunciation and stress. Pay attention to the rhythm & how intonation is used to show attitudes & emphasis. I would be best to record what you say and then listen back to it to see how it compared to the original audio.

Read Out Aloud

This is a tried and test method to improve both fluency and pronunciation. In this way you can learn about how to use the proper tone, and improve the smoothness and speed at which you speak. Not to mention the fact that any sort of reading is bound to help improve your range of vocabulary.

Speak To Yourself

Speaking to yourself can help improve your ability to think in English. This will in turn improve the speed at which you can speak and answer questions, because you will no longer have to translate your responses from your first language into English. You can practice different skills by choosing different topics. For example, if you talk about how your day went, you will test your usage of past tense structures, or you could just talk about current affairs and breaking news.

Use A Mirror

It might sound strange but speaking in front of a mirror can help you identify errors that you make while speaking that you might not have noticed otherwise, such as using too many filler words like uhm

Set a timer for two or three minutes and talk for as long as you can. Do not stop if you get stuck on a word. This will also help you improve your fluency and confidence.

Listen To Podcasts

A podcast is an audio broadcast over the Internet. There are plenty English language podcasts available for free online and they are a great way to improve English. These podcasts are prepared by English-native speakers who also happen to be qualified ESL lecturers. By listening to these podcasts you will not only gain valuable information about how to improve your language skills but you will also become familiar with common slangs, natural expressions, and interesting vocabulary.


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