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Everything You Need To Know About Linking Words And PTE Writing


Most would-be candidates are aware that they need to use cohesive devices or ‘connecting words’ in order to score well in both the PTE writing module tasks. However, most of them don’t really understand why these connecting words are important. I’ve seen far too many practice essays in which students merely repeated the same tired linking phrases, and what’s worse is that many of these students have no idea about the real function behinds these words.

What Are Linking Words

Cohesive devices like linking words or discourse markers link ideas, sentences, and paragraphs and help you to progress clearly from one idea to another. You can think of them as the glue that binds your sentences together, without them your answers would just be a bunch of randomly disjointed sentences.

If you do not include discourse markers and linking words in your writing answers, your answer will appear illogical and be more difficult to understand.

A few examples are, Nevertheless, Particularly, Thus, Naturally, etc.

It’s important to note that these phrases should be used in moderation, otherwise your essay might seem unnatural.

Why Do We Need Linking Words For PTE Writing

Connecting words are especially useful for the summarise written text questions, in which you are only allowed to write one complete sentence with only one full stop. Therefore, to add additional information without breaking this rule it is important to know how to use connectives to link different clauses.

For example:

Cohesive devices are also crucial for essay writing, as they allow the writer to logically lay out their argument, and signal to the reader a number of important concepts, like introducing main ideas, supporting ideas, or examples

For example, the word ‘firstly, in a sentence, automatically indicates to the reader that there will subsequent related points (secondly, thirdly, finally etc.)

If I use the words ‘for example’ or ‘ to illustrate’ these words signal that the following sentences are examples given to support a previously mentions idea.

Therefore, cohesive devices serve to assist the writer to provide coherent and logically laid out pieces of writing.

Common Linking Words And Their Function

Different types of linking words are used for different functions. Here are just a few common linking words that are used in the PTE Writing test:


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