April 25

Easy Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills


Many test-takers rely solely on using practice tests to prepare for the PTE exam. While I do believe that taking practice tests does have its benefits, it cannot be the only method of preparation. This is because, to put it simply, you cannot practice using skills that you do not have. It’s vital that you first develop these skills before you start practicing, as practice alone will never help you to improve your score.

Acclimatize Yourself To Different Accents

A great way to aid in your PTE preparation is to familiarize yourself with how native English speakers speak. There are many ways in which you can do this. You could watch English TV programs or News channels. Listen to podcasts about topics that interest you or find content that is somehow PTE related. This will also help acclimatize you to the sounds and unique pronunciations used by speakers with different accents.

Recognize Paraphrase

During the Listening test, many of the words used by the speakers will be paraphrases of the words used in the questions. For this reason, it’s also important to widen your vocabulary range and improve your ability to identify paraphrases and synonyms. You need to change the way you learn new vocabulary. Each time you learn a new word, make sure that you note down the possible synonyms of this word as well.

Focused Listening

The PTE listening test recordings are only played once and there is no option to replay the audio under any circumstances. Even a second of distraction can cause you to lose your place in the recordings and miss out on important answers and information. Before you actually sit for the exam, make sure that you develop the ability to listen attentively for long periods of time without losing focus or being distracted. This is especially important for part four of the test, as the recording for this part will not include any breaks in between. You can do so by using authentic PTE listening practice materials and timed practice tests. Start off with shorter bits of audio and then work your way up to the longer recordings.

Use Transcripts

Make sure that you use authentic PTE materials and practice exercises, that include an audio script. You can read along with the script as you listen to the recording. This will help you to get used to searching for keywords and understanding the accents of different speakers. This is also a good way to recognize that keywords are usually emphasized during the recording.

Taking practice tests before your actual exam can also help you overcome test day anxiety as you become more and more familiar with what to expect during the PTE listening test.


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