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Best Tips For PTE Academic Time Management


Time management is also a critical issue for the PTE test, almost all tasks are strictly timed. Many candidates complain that the did not have enough time to complete their essay or finish their speaking tasks, which obviously affects their score. Let’s take a closer look at how you can best manage your time during the PTE Academic Exam.

Why Is Their Time Limit In The First Place?

The reasons the pte academic tasks have time limitations on them is to be able to assess whether or not you can comprehend and communicate at a certain pace. This is necessary for a variety of possible real life situations, especially in academic settings. For example, if you were at a university lecture, would you be able to cope with the rate at which new information was delivered to you? In a case this rate is determined by the lecturer and not you. During the lecture, you will have to listen, understand and take notes as well under timed conditions.

How Is Each Section Timed?

The first step to effective time management is to know what to expect. Familiarise yourself with the test format and timings. Know which tasks are separately timed and which are not.

Here’s a brief summary of how each section is timed:

The writing task consists off just two types of tasks. Each Summarize written text task is 10 minutes long, and you are allocated 20 minutes to complete your essay. The reading task is timed as a whole and takes about 32 to 41 minutes. The listening section and speaking section take around --- to ---- minutes.

The Writing Section

As mentioned above the writing test only has two types of tasks, and getting used to their timings is easy if you practice enough. Make sure you include enough time to plan your essay and also include time for rechecking.

As mentioned above the writing test only has two types of tasks, and getting used to their timings is easy if you practice enough. Make sure you include enough time to plan your essay and also include time for rechecking.

You can improve your typing speed by taking timed tests. The average person types at a speed of 100 words per minute. So it should take you around ten minutes to write out a 200-word essay. This leaves plenty of time to plan and recheck your work.

The Reading Section

There is an overall time limit for the reading section, so you have to constantly pay attention to the amount of time you have left in this particular question. Make sure you are familiar with the different question types and how long you should spend on each question.

Here is a rough guide on how long you should spend on each reading task:

The PTE reading test is strictly timed. In order to be able to complete every task with ease, candidates need to practice improving their reading speed. There are many ways in which you can practice this skill everyday:

  • Aim to read at least 220 words per minute
  • Read short articles of around 300 words
  • Read often regularly under timed conditions

Once you have read through a text quickly, go back to read in detail and check how much you absorbed while speed reading.

The Listening Section

Only the summarise written text is timed individually. The rest of the listening test questions are not. A countdown timer will be present on the top right of the screen during the listening test. It displays the number of items and how much time you have left

You should utilize each second wisely. In my opinion you spend no more than 1.5 minutes on each individual question and make sure that you check your work thoroughly before clicking the ‘next. Button to move on to the next question.

The recordings are only played once. This is important to know because if you somehow lose your place in the recording or miss out on an answer, while this is an unfortunate occurrence, it is best not to dwell on it and continue to focus on the remaining questions.

The Speaking Section

Time is key to the speaking section of PTE. Completing your task before or well in time makes you score well.

You can easily get used to speaking at length and under timed conditions with sufficient practice.

 Remember to make it your habit to keep speaking even if you have made a mistake, because on test day if you pause or hesitate for too long the microphone will automatically stop recording and you will have to move on the next question.

Taking regular practice speaking tests will help you to learn how to answer questions on time, without making mistakes.

By now I hope you have learnt that time management is not only essential for the PTE Academic exam but it can also be learnt like any other skill.


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