The Bad Study Habits To Avoid 

 March 29, 2015

By  admindfieeo

In addition to learning about the best study techniques, it is also important for students or test takers to know about the bad study habits to avoid. I found two helpful articles here that talks about the study practices that are unhelpful. Preparing for an exam takes a lot of hard work and perseverance, and it also requires students or test takers to use only the study techniques that are helpful to them. Please take a look at this post and see the bad study habits commonly practiced by people.

5 Bad Study Habits,You must avoid | THE MOTIVATORS PLATFORM

http://mouaupals.com/wp/blog/2014/12/22/5-bad-study-habitsyou-must-avoid/5 Bad Study Habits,You must avoid You hear a lot of platitudes when it comes to studying: “Make studying a priority. Review your notes early and often.” “Read all the textbook chapters and do your homework.” “Practice makes perfect. So practice as much as you can.”

First off, all the students who have ever been in a classroom just collectively rolled their eyes. Second, most of this stuff we hear, though well intentioned (maybe), is just plain wrong. A lot of bad study habits are spread in the guise of helpful advice.

Here are 5 of the most common bad study habits that parents, teachers, and advisors teach, and why they’re actually hurting your GPA: 1. Read the chapter before lecture mouaupals.com

This is another post here that also discusses some study habits to avoid. I decided to include this post to provide you with more ideas about how to study properly and prepare for an exam. Please have a look:

4 bad studying habits to avoid | UpdatedTrends.com

http://mouaupals.com/wp/blog/2014/12/22/5-bad-study-habitsyou-must-avoid/You have a test in a couple of days and don’t know what to do? Prepare well and ensure you keep in mind these 4 bad studying habits to avoid completely.

UpdatedTrends.com: Just taking out time to study does not always mean you are all set for your upcoming examinations or tests. Unless you have enough information at hand or maybe a a really good understanding of the matter in question, it just cannot be termed as “studied” per say. If you are preparing for an examination, here are a few bad studying habits which you must avoid all together. 1. Study with no structure – All the topics which have to be covered by you needs to have some kind of  definite structure to it. updatedtrends.com

I hope these articles have provided you with some inputs on how to study well. I will be posting more articles about a wide variety of topics involving IELTS test preparation. I hope you will continue to keep yourself updated for my coming posts.


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