May 6

All About The PTE AI


The PTE Academic Exam is an English language test developed by Pearson. The test is designed to evaluate the language capabilities of second language learners for both study and work purposes. The PTE exam is unique with regard to the fact that is not evaluated or graded in any way by human examiners. All tests are assessed by a state-of-the-art computer algorithm, which goes a long way to ensure fairness and standardization wherever the test is offered. This artificial intelligence is used to check students written answers as well as objectively grade their speaking tests.

How Does The PTE AI Compare To Human Examiners

The PTE Academic exam is designed by people, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. The tests also go through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that every test meets the high standards of the Pearson group.

The scoring criteria has also been designed by human experts and continues to be refined and improved upon whenever these experts deem fit to do so. The computer algorithm is then trained to the patterns of highly trained language experts to attribute scores to questions. The AI bases a candidate’s delivery, clarity, relevance, accuracy of grammar and appropriateness of vocabulary.

A set of student answers are sent to human examiners and the computer AI. The students who are part of this data sample have a range of over 100 different first languages. This is done in order to make sure that the test and the scores remain fair, irrespective of where you take the test. Once these answers are graded, the scores between the humans and the AI are compared. Once the AI's scores match those of the experts, the AI is then allowed to mark actual test scripts.

Why A Computer-Based Assessment Is Better

This means that the AI can now mark test takers scripts with the same expertise as a PTE professional, but without any of the human biases or score variations between different examiners. Computers unlike humans have no issues with subjectivity. How a human examiner might score a test, can depend on external factors like how tired they are or their mood on a particular day. Using a computer algorithm effectively removes all of these issues.


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